• 7.1 Operation
    The 7.1 format is a multichannel sound format that features 7 discrete channels of sound in the left, right, center, left side surround, right side surround, left back surround, right back surround, and subwoofer.  Only selected DIGITAL versions of content (trailers/features) are capable of 7.1 playback.  The AP20, XD10P, SMS, and DC20 can be used for 7.1 playback.

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  • AP20
    The Datasat AP20 is a 16 channel audio processor. The AP20 includes Dirac Live®, proprietary software used to optimize room acoustics.

    The Dirac Live® adjustment kit is sold separately.  Technicians using the kit must be trained and certified on its use.  A list of certified technicians is posted in the Dirac Live® section (support documents).

    If you are a technician that would like to become certified, contact techsupport@datasat.com

    European customers can contact eusupport@datasat.com

    Current software for the AP20 is V1.05.00 (Menu - System - System Info).
    Instructions for updating software can be found in the software release notes which are posted in the Software section (AP20 support documents).

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  • Datasat (DTS) 70mm
    Datasat is one of the few companies to still support the special venue and large format 70mm markets.  Any Datasat (DTS) player that reads timecode can be used to play Datasat (DTS) 70mm formatted films.

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  • LS10
    The LS10 is a 15-channel consumer audio processor that features the native support for all current sound formats including Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio and DTS Neo:X.

    The current options are:
    - Auro-3D (13.1)
    - remote control (including iOS and Android devices)

    The current software on the LS10 is V1.00.02

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  • Timecode Reader Heads
    A Timecode Reader Head (one per projector) is used with film based Datasat (DTS) players.   It is used to read the proprietary Datasat (DTS) timecode on film which synchronizes the Datasat (DTS) player's digital sound playback to the picture projected.  There are two reader models available, 35mm and 70mm.

    This section is dedicated to 35mm readers.  See Datasat (DTS) 70mm for information on 70mm readers.

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