Datasat RS20i High End Consumer Audio Processor

Thursday 8th March 2012

The RS20i Consumer Audio Processor is based on the architecture of the state of the art Datasat AP20 sold within the cinema space. It is the first audio processor to be featured in the Datasat product lineup targeted for the high end discerning consumer audience. The processor, like the AP20, features 16 channels, 20 memory presets for all settings, 3rd octave, parametric, shelving EQ’s and lo & high bandpass on all channels, individual channel and global delays and Dirac LiveĀ® room optimization.

Controls can be view remotely and operated using an VNC (Virtual Network Connection). VNC clients are available to allow control from iPhone, iPad and Google phones, as well as laptops. The RS20i improves upon the audio quality of the AP20 with changes to specific components and cards and features the addition of Bass Management, HDMI v1.4 for 3D video pass through, level shift for the consumer space, updated menus, and a custom designed and built chassis and front panel. The front panel has been designed by Neal Fay Designs out of Goleta California, who is considered to be the best in the industry for a unique, showpiece design.

About Datasat

Datasat Digital Entertainment is a pioneer in digital cinema technologies for the motion picture industry. Datasat securely delivers content to over 30,000 cinema screens in over 100 countries. Its digital sound technology, which debuted with Jurassic Park in 1993, won an Academy Award. Today, Datasat Digital Entertainment continues to define the future of sound by providing digital surround sound and digital cinema hardware products to the cinema industry.

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