Innovation in sound technology

The Immersive Sound Experience was a concept from Datasat. The idea was to provide a space where industry professionals could learn more about the latest developments in audio technology. For the first time anywhere in the world a group of companies including Datasat, Genelec, Screenline and Lang AG created the ideal environment to showcase the sound formats that will be changing the listening experience for both professional and home cinema.

Throughout ISE 2014, many thousands of visitors were able to experience high quality audio with stunning content including the latest classical and rock concerts and Hollywood releases. They learned about the evolution of digital surround sound and the potential of immersive sound formats such as Auro-3D®.

In addition to demonstrations, a full presentation programme included keynote addresses from guest speakers including Wilfried Van Baelen, CEO of Auro Technologies and inventor of the Auro-3D® format.

The Immersive Sound Experience proved so popular at ISE 2014 that it has already been commissioned for next year. Look out for more announcements about what it will be showing on the Datasat website.

The ultimate home cinema

This year, Datasat Digital Entertainment teamed with Wisdom Audio to create the utlimate home cinema during the ISE 2014 show.I. Designed by Maurizio Conti of HTE, it featured that latest audio processor, amplifier and speaker technologies from both companies. Datasat exhibited the new Datasat RS20i processor with Auro-3D®. However, the star of the show was the Datasat LS10 which we launched at the show. A feature-packed mid-range processor, the Datasat LS10 brings fully immersive sound to a wider range of home users.

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