Barco, a global technology company, designs and develops visualization solutions for a variety of selected professional markets including digital cinema. The company offers a range of user-friendly imaging and sound products that optimize productivity and business efficiency.

Barco holds an exclusive license to the Auro 11.1 technology by Galaxy studios. It is the next-generation 3D sound format for the cinema industry that turns conventional cinema audio into a full 3D sound experience, with sounds coming from all around and above the listener.

Barco partnered with Datasat Digital Entertainment to create the audio processor that sits at the heart of the Auro3D system. Working closely with Barco and other organisations involved in the Auro3D project, Datasat developed the AP243D, a 24 channel audio processor that  completely fulfills the exacting requirements for the high quality and immersive reproduction of a 24 bit audio stream.

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The new Datasat AP243D has been created exclusively as part of the partnership with Barco. Based on the AP20, this cinema processors contains many features that are required to allow seamless soundtrack playback on the Auro3D 11.1 sound format within cinema theaters.

The  AP243D features 16 channels of digital and analog inputs and outputs as well as an integrated Barco decode card for the display of alternative content in cinemas. In addition, its 24-bit support enables one of the most important features of Auro3D. The cinema processor makes it possible to switch from normal 5.1 playback to the Auro3D 11.1 format.

Auro3D – like all 3D sound formats – adds height speakers to the traditional surround sound settings. This means that a theater can be upgraded without major initial investment. By allowing fold back, a cinema can upgrade when it's suitable but can still play a Auro3D movie in high quality surround sound prior to upgrading.

The Auro3D system – with integrated  AP243D – is now being installed in cinemas across the globe. As the first commercially available 3D sound format, it represents a sea change for cinema sound.


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