'Like you're in the cockpit'

As befitting for a sadly untold story of African-American World War II combat pilots, a good deal of Red Tails takes place in the air. The intense aerial combat that's central to the movie made it ideal to introduce Auro3D into cinemas. Early reviews have stated that the sound is so realistic that it feels like you are in the cockpit as the action happens.

Ironically, the film bucked recent trends as the visuals were in 2D. It was only the sound that was in full 3D.

Head and shoulders above the rest

Auro3D is a collaboration between Barco and Auro Technologies. The full Auro-3D lay-out allows for up to 13.1 channels. It adds height speakers to traditional digital surround lay-outs that placed speakers on the horizontal axis. The result is a heightened sense of the localization of sound. The sound appears to be emanating naturally from the point relative to its position within the theater.

At the heart of Auro3D is a cinema processor from Datasat Digital Entertainment. “We have extensive history in audio processing for feature films. The revolutionary 3D sound technology is a new chapter for us, and we're happy to be part of this development,” said Robert McKinley, Datasat's COO.

Auro3D. An irresistible force

The cinema processor for Auro3D had two key requirements. First, it had to handle the sophisticated audio information required for the delivery of 3D sound. Secondly, it had to sense where Auro3D was not available and fold automatically into the 5.1 or 7.1 surround system that the specific theater currently employs. Our solution was to develop the Datasat AP243D cinema processor, a 24 channel system that allow for 13.1 or the standard 11.1 Auro3D lay-outs while enabling a 24 bit audio stream that let extra channel information to be embedded within the stream to ensure the correct sound format was played.

The result was the impressive sound experience that the first Auro3D cinemas were able to provide to their customers. As the upgrade costs and process are actually quite limited, it's likely that more and more theaters will turn to Auro3D to offer both 3D sound and visuals. With 5 new title scheduled for released in 2012 in Auro3D, the new format is likely to be as irresistible as the those Tuskegee Airmen.

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Partner Profile: Barco

Datasat teamed up with Barco to develop the audio processor for Auro3D. Find out more

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