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    Can better audio drive cinema ticket sales

    The latest advances in cinema audio are providing a new level of listening experience that you can't get at home. Will they do what 3D did and bring people back into the cinema theater?
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    Red Tails takes off with Auro3D

    Red Tails is the first movie release issued in Auro3D. Our Datasat AP24-3D cinema processor is pivotal to this revolutionary sound system.
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    3D Audio. Our Vision.

    3D has become a part of mainstream cinema. Today, we see more and more TV programs and live events shown in 3D. The visual part of the experience has changed dramatically. The same can't really be said for sound. Until now.
  • Jurassic Park featured Datasat Digital Sound

    Jurassic Park and Datasat Digital Sound

    This year sees the 20th anniversary of Jurassic Park. It was the film that featured the 5.1 digital surround sound of Datasat Digital Sound

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