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Comprising three companies – Datasat Digital Entertainment, Datasat Communications and Datasat Technologies – the Group develops a broad range of solutions designed to enhance the communications capabilities of individuals and organizations. 

Innovation lies at the heart of the Group. Datasat Digital Entertainment was one of the pioneers of digital surround sound for cinema. Datasat Communications was one of the first service providers to specialize in satellite communications. Datasat Technologies is expanding what can be achieved from wide-area wireless networking.

Together, the companies within the Group provide synergies to create new and better ways  to develop and deliver voice, data and multimedia content.


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For 25 years, Datasat Communications has been delivering high quality, high performance voice and data communications to remote locations. Specializing in VSAT satellite services, the company provides a one-stop, tailored services for the remote communications of corporate, government and emergency services.

The communications industry is constantly evolving and the company has responded by developing market-leading services in three areas:

Remote Communications

In addition to VSAT satellite services, the company also has wireless and terrestrial capabilities to create integrated hybrid networks to address every requirement.

Network services

The company delivers an end-to-end service to design, build, manage and maintain every aspect of a remote communications network. Its Network Operations Centre (NOC) services ensure the highest availability regardless of location.

Managed File Transfer

Using specially designed software, the company effectively transmits extremely large files to offices anywhere in the world. Designed to handle digital video, the solution offers loss-free data distribution.
To find out more, visit the Datasat Communications website here


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Datasat Technologies delivers an evolution in wireless technologies specifically designed to support the latest developments in video, voice and data communications.

The company has developed its own wireless platform that extends the performance, security and range of wide-area wireless networks. Delivering a new level of network intelligence, wireless solutions from Datasat Technologies can sense the type of traffic on the network, optimize performance for that content type and allow for various forms of network traffic to be transferred simultaneously.

Ideal for outdoor wireless networks, the technology provides fully meshed configurations to enable a greater range than most other wireless solutions available today. It provides the technology infrastructure for a wide variety of business-to-business applications such as corporate networking and surveillance as well as business-to-consumer applications such as captive networks and hotspots.

For more information, visit the Datasat Technologies website here


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