A history of audio excellence

Formed in 1991, Datasat Digital Entertainment set out to provide a superior listening experience to movie-goers. We developed one of the first digital audio systems for cinemas. This caught the attention of Steven Speilberg and, in 1993, the first movie to feature our sound technology was released.

The film was called Jurassic Park.

They all have our name on them

Today, every movie released from a North American studio features Datasat Digital Sound. The best blockbuster, mainstream and independent titles can be heard in the best quality surround sound in over 30,000 cinemas worldwide.

Originally engineered for 5.1 surround sound, our technology has developed to improve the quality of surround sound to 7.1 and 11.1. Unlike Dolby® or SDDS, our original digital sound file was presented independently from the 35mm film. Using a sophisticated sound codec, we were able to synchronize the digital sound with the film.

The result was that we were able to deliver better audio fidelity than our competitors as we didn't need to compress the sound file so heavily. In addition, our sound was stored on CD-ROM, which meant that it didn't degrade unlike sound that was stored on the physical film.

Our achievements were recognized when we won an Oscar for our sound technology in 1996

As the cinema industry moves from 35mm to digital movies, Datasat Digital Entertainment remains at the forefront of this revolution. By concentrating on the digital signal processing element of sound reproduction, the company has been able to create a new generation of feature-rich audio processors that are taking the listening experience to the next level. The Datasat AP20 has so much functionality in one box that it could take up to four separate components to deliver the same feature set.

No surprise that when Barco looked to realize its vision for 3D sound it turned to Datasat Digital Entertainment to supply the pivotal audio processing component. The Datasat AP24 3D is integral in the Auro3D system's ability to deliver true 11.1 and 13.1 3D sound cost-effectively to cinemas from St Petersburg to Tokyo.

Datasat is now bringing the same professional audio processing technology to the high-end consumer market. The RS20i is the first home cinema sound processor that is based on a professional cinema audio processing platform.

This move into the home cinema space is a natural progression from the digital sound innovator.

The room absolutely rocks!

This room absolutely rocks!

Red Studios in Hollywood install the Datasat AP20. The results are impressive. Watch this short video.

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